BKP拾音器图鉴 第二期

BKP拾音器图鉴 第二期

英国手工缠绕 Bare Knuckle 拾音器(简称BKP),可以根据您的喜好定制各种外观。


北京太和乐器英国Bare Knuckle手工缠绕拾音器品牌指定代理商


特殊加工的 紫色划痕黑底的虎皮外壳

Custom black / purple tyger Cold Sweat humbuckers heading out to


金色做旧外壳,拾音器型号是 Note P90,一款丝滑温暖的传统P90拾音器,这一款是适合Humbucker双线圈琴直接安装的 HSP90拾音器。

The Blue Note P90 offers up some smooth, warm, classic P90 tones, with slightly flattened mids, resulting in a really hifi feel. Awesome for cleans and expressive classic rock tones! Available in soapbar, dogear and humbucker sized formats

Don’t we all need another couple of bars of pure gold? @mishaperiphery Ragnarok 7 string humbuckers, setting the tone for your next big hit .

大金条,Ragnarok 拾音器


This burnt chrome Aftermath set looks like we poured a liquid rainbow over it. It’s amazing what you can do with metal and fire 

这套镀铬的Aftermath套装看起来像一条液态的彩虹。 能用金属和火做的事真是太神奇了

这一看就是老外定制的中文,咯咯 咯咯

Here’s a really cool set of Ragnaroks, heading out to Matteus of @distancebetweenband . The kanji characters signify love, on the neck pickup and the grim reaper for the bridge. Pretty fitting for a set like the Ragnaroks!


Adding a cover to our blade humbuckers works great to protect the fibreboard top surface from your pick, as well as

Black Hawk类似的刀片拾音器增加外壳,可以有效的保护纤维板的边缘。

This Nailbomb set truly does look just like it sounds: raw but distinguished, aggressive but charming, a regal street brawler wrapped up in gold plated gnar 

做旧金色外壳的 NAILBOMB 套装

More kick-ass signature etched Silos heading out this week! The designs that @sleepless_uk came up with are just epic and are proving just as popular with you guys as they are with us. Don’t forget that we also now have matching tees so you can get the full set! 

 There’s nothing like being understated... and this is nothing like being understated


PAINKILLER 大金条,8弦肥皂盒,无孔金色战损


The Mississippi Queen is one of our most popular P90 models and for good reason! They hit a sweet spot of controllable power, with a great dynamic feel, allowing access to fat, musical cleans, as well as punchy driven tones and work great in combination with humbuckers 


We’ve had loads of orders for burnt chrome pole screws and bolts lately, which is really nice because it means we get to play with fire! Multiscale Painkiller bridge humbucker in lime/black 

Hi-Vis and Hi- Fidelity in equal measure! This @mishaperiphery signature Juggernaut 7 string set is giving off some hazard warning vibes in high contrast lime and black



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