BKP拾音器图鉴 第三期

BKP拾音器图鉴 第三期

One for the fright fans! Here’s a @northlanejosh signature Impulse humbucker set, fitted with some custom etched Count Orlok covers 

The @mishaperiphery Juggernaut remains one of our most popular models for modern metal tones and for good reason! It’s honed to deliver a great combination of quick, punchy dynamics and an organic tone, using a mixture of ceramic and alnico magnets to find the perfect balance

The Cobra T offers our most modern and balanced Telecaster singlecoil tones. The blade stye design delivers excellent string to string balance and a smooth delivery of power, which is in no short supply from its handwound coil and the driving force of a pair of ceramic magnets 

One seriously gnarly looking aged gold battleworn Piledriver Tele neck singlecoil! We offer pretty much all of our humbucker finishes on Telecaster neck covers, so sounding incredible never looked so good! 

his @rabeaafro signature Silo humbucker set is looking strong with purple open bobbins and black pole screws



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