BKP拾音器图鉴 第四期

BKP拾音器图鉴 第四期


The Mule humbucker双线圈拾音器不仅保留了黄金时代的音色,采用 59 P.A.F 配方。这黄金做旧外观再适合不过!

It’s not just our humbuckers that get the custom cover treatment; we also offer a full range of custom finishes for our Telecaster neck pickups, like this burnt chrome “TV” covered Brown Sugar


This gold and nickel Mule might be a two-tone finish, but the harmonically rich sounds that it puts out give you a whole painter’s palette of colours to play with


These brushed nickel 7 string Juggernaut humbuckers are looking pretty classy! Sporting our soapbar sized covers, they are a perfect option for converting an active guitar to passive, delivering a perfect blend of power and dynamics for a tight modern metal tone!

8弦大肥皂盒,黑色战损外壳。Rabea签名款 SILO

Now, that’s a serious set of pickups! @rabeaafro signature Silo 8 string humbucker set in black battleworn soapbar covers 

英国手工缠绕 Bare Knuckle 拾音器(简称BKP),可以根据您的喜好定制各种外观。


北京太和乐器英国Bare Knuckle手工缠绕拾音器品牌指定代理商

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